Books, Books Baby

I’m an avid reader, so every now and again I’ll just do a quick update of what I’ve just ticked off the reading list and just a bit of enlightenment on it. Don’t worry, I won’t ruin the endings, and I won’t launch into lengthy paragraphs of contradicting points, I just like to read and let people know if I think it’s good.

“Still Me”, By JoJo Moyes
I cannot recommend this enough, I didn’t actually put this one down until I’d finished it. It’s a hefty 468 pages long and I demolished it in 48 hours. This is the third in the series by JoJo Moyes, following ‘You Before Me‘ and ‘After You‘.
It follows the main character settling into the beautiful City of New York, still struggling with the big traumas that had happened in the two previous books.
I loved that none of the books follow the same patterns, as some other series do. This one intertwines several other lives into the story and drops some big gasp moments, although hands up, I’ve got to admit, I did see the biggest one coming.
If you want a bit of a tear jerker, with some laughs along the way and a bit of a feel good read then this is definitely the one for you.

“The House”, Simon Lelic
I was actually quite disappointed by this one, I’m not going to lie. I asked for it on my Christmas list because it was recommended by the BBC Radio 2 Book Club.
I love a good ghost story and on first appearances, that’s what it’s kind of made out to be, but I’m just going to dash your expectations now and tell you it’s not. It’s a thriller that takes place around a young couple buying a house, and after that really weird things start to happen..
The two main characters take it in turns to tell their side of the story, which I get is meant to add to the suspense of the whole thing as it leaves you on a bit of a cliff hanger each time, but I found it quite irritating. They would jump from present to past so it would take me a minute to adjust and then I’d have to re-read with the new understanding.
It’s a good storyline and has some killer twists in it (excuse the pun), but I felt that the fact it jumped so much between times and characters, it kind of detracted from the overall story.

“Behind Her Eyes”, Sarah Pinborough
Let finish this on a high, if there is one book you must read, it’s this. ‘Behind Her Eyes’ is another book that I devoured in a day. It has so many twists and ‘gasp’ moments that I had to inhale into a paper bag every now and again just to get my breath back.
You cannot predict the direction that this book goes in. It hits every theme and emotion for me, romance, anger, frustration, literally the works.
Told between four characters, it’s depicted so perfectly, you aren’t constantly left on cliff hangers like in “The House”, but you’re still left in suspense, not being able to trust any of the characters in the book at any one time, it’s delicious.
I cannot rave about this book enough, if you do one thing this weekend, buy it!

I just had to share these with you too, I’ve recently just gotten into Podcasts, especially when I’m walking the dogs and on long drives;

Happy Place’, Fearne Cotton and GuestsThis is especially amazing if you suffer from bouts of depression like me, it lets you in on how other celebs have dealt with rocky moment in their life and has a lovely, upbeat pace to it throughout. My favourite guest so far has been Dawn French! 

– ‘My Dad Wrote a Porno’, Jamie Morton, James Cooper and Alice LevineI promise you, you will never laugh so much in your life, I always look like such a doofus walking around listening to this, but it’s so worth it. Jamie Morton’s Dad has written his own porno and each week the three hosts read a new chapter and decipher just what Jamies Dad was thinking.

Anthems of the Post

– ‘I will follow you‘, RIVVRS
– ‘The Greatest Showman Soundtrack‘, Various Artists
(^^ Have you seen the film?! it’s bloody fantastic)


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