Try Before You Buy


So I guess that it’s time for one of my infamously awkward introductions, where I tell you some vaguely interesting facts or information about me before you delve any deeper into this site. A ‘try before you buy’, if you like. Perhaps I’ll bullet point just so we can power through and move on.

– I’m not good at these initial bits of given information, it’s kind of like the whole dating website ‘About Me’ sections where you cram as many fun facts about yourself into three lines. And Bam, first fact smoothly slid in very casually there, I’m single.. Perhaps that’s because I’m not so good at the ‘About Me’ bits, I’ll make a mental note to work on that..

– I’m a twenty something. A sensitive enough twenty something that the something now replaces the number after twenty, and you will never know anymore detail than that.

– I’m an Interior Design Graduate. I very much enjoyed flicking through home style magazines as revision and that the tensest bit about my degree was “Does the carpet match the drapes?”

– Leading on from that, I’m very funny. Having said that, I’m the only one that thinks so. I’m probably too sarcastic for my own good (another reason for the single status I’m told) and my sense of humour is dryer than a bottle of Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc.

– I. Love. Wine. It is and always will be the biggest love of my life, (it’s becoming clearer why I’m single now).

– I have a big old passion for travel, so it’s likely you’ll see an occasional travel post crop up. Don’t worry, it doesn’t go on and on. It’s usually just something along the lines of “this is a lovely wine bar, I vaguely remember stumbling upon this location that had alcoholic beverages, and yeah, the steak’s good here”.

– I really like owning plants, but I also have to have a monthly budget for buying new greenery to replace the ones I kill. I have the opposite of green fingers, I have fingers of death. I was told by a lady in the Garden Centre that Spider Plants are impossible to kill, but she stands to be corrected because guess what I’ve done! To clarify, I kill them with kindness, not neglect, I just have too much love to give and it results in them drowning in water and being overfed.

To be honest, you’ll find out more as I update this blog on my fabulously adequate antics. It’s going to very much be an “In the life of”, but with a few of my hobbies thrown into it. Book Reviews, Creativity work/projects, travel.
So if you actually read as far the bottom of the page, I thank you. If you chose to stick with my, well then, you are just lovely.

Speak Soon,

P.S, Hi again! Just quickly, at the bottom of every post I do you’ll see ‘Anthems of the Post’. I’m pretty keen on my tunes, and my personal opinion is that I’m the next Adele, so I’ll usually put the main songs I’m listening to when I’m writing on there. 

Anthems of the Post 

– Silence, Grace Carter
– Dirty Harry, Gorillaz
Never Enough, Loren Allred


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