A Love Affair With Florence, Featuring My Food Baby

I’m not going to lie, I’m a massive food lover. And Italian? Well, it just so happens to be my favourite. Although we’re rolling into Summer pretty quickly now which means the dreaded bikini season, that doesn’t mean that I’m not daydreaming about food every single second of my day. So I’m going to throw back to my trip to Florence last year, it was short but sweet and filled with food.

We were super lucky when it came to Florence. It just so happened that my Mums friend from work grew up there, so he actually took us to the eateries that were favoured by the locals rather than any of the tourist traps, and my goodness did my taste buds worship the ground he walked on after this. So, lets dig in shall we?

Trattoria del 13 Gobbi
Without a doubt, to this day Trattoria still stands as the best place I’ve ever had a steak. Admittedly this quirky little restaurant is not one for the claustrophobic. The best way to describe this place is basically as many tables as humanly possible crammed into two rooms that are the size of your average living room.
But honestly? If you’re a meat lover like me then it’s so worth the elbow bumping. This is the go to place for steak. You order the steak by how many people are at the table and it’s quite literally the most amazing, melt in your mouth meat that you will ever encounter. The sides are absolutely divine, especially the potatoes, so get lots and lots and lots of those. The best bit about this place is that it isn’t brimming with tourists, it’s the locals favourite (which is beyond understandable), but this makes it pretty hard to get a table, so make sure you book in advance, you’d be an absolute fool not to pay them a visit here. Now excuse me for a minute while I have a moment to reminisce over this mouth watering memory.

Mercato Centrale
Even the most basic research before going to Florence will bring this place up. This is essentially a massive food market, downstairs is where you can get all your fresh groceries, fish, meat, fruit etc, but if you take the escalators (that may as well be golden and glowing) up to the first floor of Heaven, that’s where the real magic happens.
Here you’re going to surrounded by every kind of food stall that are making every kind of fresh food possible, from fresh pasta, arancini balls, pulled pork, sushi. I guarantee you that the foodie in you will not regret paying this place a visit. This is your opportunity to be adventurous and sample a bit of everything, you’ll be trying hard not to lick the plate.
The Market is usually open from early morning to late afternoon (threeish), don’t eat beforehand and go crazy and over indulge.

La Carrai
The thing when it comes to Florence is that it’s filled with ice cream parlours (not complaining), however not all of them are actually that good, trust me, I conducted a lot of eating research to reach this conclusion.
La Carrai, is again, a locals ice cream parlour of choice, and again, it’s obvious why.  You have every choice of flavour going there, and if you don’t want to elbow your way through the crowds and wait for half an hour to be served, then go later on in the evening. It’s located on the river front which is just as beautiful at night, so get a cone and take a stroll.So, short and sweet as I can only talk about food for about fifteen minutes before I have to get up and go get a cheeseburger to tide me over. But those are my top three places to visit for food in Florence. I would suggest that you don’t hold back, admit to yourself that you’re going to put a stone on in the space of two days and just go completely overboard in indulging.Speak Soon,

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