The Superhero of Interior Accessories

Okay, this is going to be short and sweet because they do all the talking for themselves, but we need to talk about Weaver and Green. I feel like at the moment they’re fast becoming the Superhero of Interior Design accessories, and also because I feel I need to put my Interior Design degree to use a bit. I was lucky enough to see Weaver and Green when I was doing my Design Internship. I was with the buyer in London looking for new suppliers at a trade show, and they’re fast becoming a big thing for all the right reasons.

Weaver and Green make a load of soft furnishing accessories in the most beautiful colours and designs. From rugs, to bags, throws, cushions and even dog beds they are the ultimate luxury accessory. But the best thing about them? their products are made pretty much entirely from plastic bottles. Damn right, and no, I’m not talking crazy talk. By some absolute genius magic their products feel like cashmere but are made from up to 1000 plastic bottles just in one product! They’re durable, they don’t hold odour and you can use them both inside and outside – AND, I’ll be honest, they won me over by saying you can spill red wine on them and it won’t stain. Tell you more? Okay;

Considering what they are, Weaver and Green products are beyond affordable and you get more than your money’s worth for it. I’ve thrown together a really basic little mood board to show you how you could style or accessorise your home with Weaver and Green items.

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 12.04.02

They do have more muted tones, but I completely and utterly fell in love with this style. But obviously you can peruse at your leisure here. You can also read about how the owners came up with the idea, what goes into it and just have a little dribble session in general. 
It’s not too often that you get to justify your online shopping by saying that you’re saving the world at the same time, so, ya know, I really think you should indulge…

Speak Soon,

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Anthems of the Post

More Than You Know – Axwell ^ Ingrosso
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