Books Books Baby, Chapter Two

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted, I’ve been a bit of a busy bee starting a new job, sorting out my life, the same ol’ adulty tasks that you get caught up in. So let’s ease back into it with chapter two of Books Books Baby. A couple of these were actually recommendations, they’re not things I would usually go for, I’m more of a horror and thriller kinda gal, but they didn’t disappoint, so let’s get going.  

“Elizabeth is Missing”, Emma Healey
This book actually really surprised me. I’ll be honest, I was putting off reading it for quite a while because it really wasn’t my usual type of thing, however I devoured it in the space of a couple of days.
This book gives a fascinating and heartbreaking insight into the mind of Elizabeth who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, but also the way that it affects everyone around her such as her friends and her family. It’s beautifully written, taking you on the journey with Elizabeth where you feel every emotion on her behalf from joy, upset, confusion and frustration.
There are a few stories intertwined in this story, alternating between the present and the past, it’s a story that constantly keeps you guessing, allowing you to jump to your own conclusions before more twists are thrown in.
It’s also must read if you know anyone who’s suffering from Alzheimers as it gives you just that little bit more understading toward it.

“Eleanor Oliphant is Perfectly Fine” Gail Honeyman
There’s a lot of noise about this book for all the right reasons at the moment, and it really really deserves every bit of praise it gets. This book introduces you to Eleanor Oliphant, a very quirky character who blooms throughout the story.
Again, I could not put this book down, I laughed, I cried, basically I really invested in Eleanor, who at first I really struggled to connect to, however as it goes one you warm to her more and more until you feel like you absolutely need her in your life.
It not only notes the development of Eleanor as a person but also her relationships, friendships, her views, opinions and very structured life as well as her background that lead up to how she is today.
Something I found highly relatable in this book is the fact it tackles the topic of mental health, the telltale signs of it, what needs to be done, how you can help, the up and down mood swings and emotions that come with it and counselling, things that you can never talk too much about.
This is truly a must read tale which also allows you to gain an insight into the biggies such as mental health, depression and abuse.

“The Marriage Pact” Michelle Richmond
Lets wrap this up with my favourite genre then, Thriller. To be completely truthful, I almost gave up on this one at first. It took me quite a while to get into, to warm to the characters, whether this was intentional or not I’m still not entirely sure.
However, once I settled into it then it ticked all my boxes;
– Compelling
– Dark
– Twisted
– Unpredictable
Uhh, Yes please.
The story suggests a really intruiging concept to the two main characters who are newlyweds, both with demanding jobs and completely different upbringings. You are introduced to every kind of character and view throughout, with a whole lot of blooming brilliant suspense and hyperventilating “I need to walk this off” moments. Well worth a read.

Anthems of the Post

‘Surrender’ – Natalie Taylor
‘In my Blood’ – Shawn Mendes
‘Joyful’ – X Ambassadors


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